How can Firebase boost your application development process

Firebase is a great platform to publish an app. We at RedElegant have done multiple projects on firebase platform and we are loving it. We are sharing our experience to help you understand why should you go with Firebase while application development for your business. Here you can see list of all Firebase products.

Firebase Offerings

Like a development framework, firebase offers almost everything. Be it database/storage/function builder. Firebase got it all. This offerings minimize 3rd party integrations, helps the application to remain lightweight and reduces development time drastically.

Firebase runs on MongoDB

Firebase runs on MongoDB. MongoDB is a NoSQL database which now a days is widely used. Be your app small or large, MongoDB can handle anything. A good point to trust Firebase for database.

Firebase CDN

Its CDN is good like others. Like Amazon S3, Azure CDN or Cloudflare. We at Redelegant used many CDN for web and mobile application development and we are very happy with the Firebase CDN.

Services like socket

Firebase has lots of services inbuilt like the socket for real-time communication, ads for generating revenue, notification services. Just a couple of lines and you are set to send notifications to your users.

Firebase function builder

Firebase also introduced a function builder area where you can write your custom functions. Be it an excessive checking, validation, secure external API calls, you can have it there. You need to write on the typescript. Angular native developers are familiar with writing in typescript.

So whenever you choose to go with Firebase, having previous experience with typescript is helpful.

Supporting cross platform app development

Firebase can help you to build cross it supports web, android, iOS. For web it requires node.js programming. Though theres some unofficial integration of firebase with other language.

Good Angular js support

If you use angular.js as your frontend language, then Firebase integration is as easy like a knife through butter. Angular and Firebase can be very smooth and effective while working together.

Firebase helps in quick development

Firebase boost development speed. With ready code and awesome official documentation, building apps on firebase platform is simple..theres a vast exaMple for almost anything makes it much easier for developers to avoid glitches

Firebase helps with financial and usage analytics

Firebase has a lots of utility tools like it has its own statistics tool, crash detectors, revenue calculator.

Statistics tools:

Helps you to understanding your app usage. You can easily see how many people is using your app, how they are using  the app, how many user are currently online, etc.

Crash analytics:

Crashlytics helps developers to understnad crash point and help to stabilize the app by rectifying the problems in new releases.

Revenue calculator:

If your app is a paid app, Firebase lets you keep an eye on the revenue. You will be able to understand how it is happening, what to improve.

Advantage with scalability in firebase

You don’t need to worry about server overload, scalability etc. Firebase server model auto expands to accommodate more users based on need.

Just publish the app.and relax. Give stress on further development, customer success, support. Firebase will take care of the scalability automatically.

Development friendly pricing

Firebase has simple pricing. Firebase owned by Google and it offers a simple pricing model and it is also pocket-friendly. The pay as you go model helps you to scale along with your user base.

We can help you with application development with Firebase. Let us know your project idea and we will help you to decide if Firebase suits your project and will help you to design and develop it.


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