How software is changing the transport industry

We don’t commute to work on horseback anymore. Every mode that we use to get us from one place to another on time, safely and comfortably is transport technology.

How software is working in transport industry

Advancements in transportation technologies is in the midst of a revolution. Its transforming the planning designing, constructing an operating transport systems. It’s used by transport companies to keep track of traffic, accidents, collect tolls, to report on-board vehicle performance monitors, real-time transit arrival information, and a host of another services that were unfathomable a generation ago.

Chauffeur industry, fleet industry, Logistics industry is doing heavy and intellectual use of software to advent their business.

What you can do with Fleet management softwares and chauffeur management softwares?

As each business operates in different ways, the software also need to tune to the need. Custom software ensures you get to run your business in your way. The scope is versatile but the common elements are as follows which will help you to run your business smoothly.

Vehicle Route Planning

Vehicles and sometimes drivers are equipped with sensors which communicate with GPS services to advise us the best route to be taken, which is then displayed on a head-up display that physically directs the driver along route.

In the niche chauffeur industry where the controllers are planning an event or a business or emergency travel, route planning is very essential.

Easy document maintenance

When you are a fleet management company you must keep track of your vehicle and driver documents. Not only just store, but now the trucking softwares does the work for you by notifying you about any expired documents in advance. Cloud based systems now also can alert the vehicle owner or the driver about the documents to be expired. Auto deallocated from a job also happens to ensure there will not be any problem.

Ongoing job track

With google maps integration you can live track any ongoing job through your transportation software admin section. It makes your job easier as a fleet owner or as a chauffeur company.

Clients can also track the fleet covering their job. A transparency takes in place, in turn helps you to maintain a good customer relationship.

Job tracking with GPS


Increasing client comfort

When you are serving any VIP client, it is easy to keep track of the person’s customized demand. Softwares automatically keep things in front of you so that when ever the person travels with you, you know what to do.

Booking management

You clients can easily raise booking request. Use of booking widget and client booking portal facility can give you an edge over competitors. Even having a client focused app might let your business have an added advantage as most person now-a-days feels comfortable to do bookings via mobile.

chauffeur booking widget

Invoicing management

Business means cash flow and obviously invoicing comes in place. You might have different commission structure for drivers or different rate chart for clients. Custom software allows you to do billing management comprising with various custom needs.

Different clients has different billing cycle. Good chauffeur management or fleet management software allows you to maintain different billing cycle for each clients.

Benefits of a good transport management software

  1. Reduce operating complexity.
  2. Provides clarity in your business.
  3. Make clients happy.
  4. Increases efficiency of the admin team.
  5. Reduces chance of the minor mistakes.


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