[Weekly Tech Update-June,18 to June,24] Google AI, Nerdalize

Nerdalize plans to heat houses with cloud servers

Our laptop generates plenty of excess heat. Nerdalize, a Dutch startup wants to take that excess energy and put it to good use, like use it to heat your home.

Data center energy consumption is growing rapidly worldwide, and together they emit more CO2 than the airline industry . Nerdalize’s initiative can be a new way to save the environment. In 2015 they launched a wall heater powered by a single server that was used in a year-long pilot in five households. The heaters were slow, taking about an hour to warm up, and fairly weak, only providing enough heat for a small room. But they worked and Nerdalize is now moving on to a second pilot that integrates its sever-heat more tightly with customer’s homes.

But the model is sustainable or not is a matter of question. How they will ensure that servers will work perfectly. Will companies be okay keeping the data lying in some people’s home? How can the maintenance be done? Will the heaters run all the time year wise even in summer? But, this is a good initiate and idea for sure.

Google launched AI powered job search engine

Google for Jobs search initiative was announced last month during Google’s annual I/O developer conference and launched on this Tuesday.

The feature is triggered when you enter a job-seeking query inside a regular Google search box, like ” nearby jobs,” “PHP jobs,” etc. There is no special URL for this jobs search tool. This feature currently rolled out in the USA only.

Let’s see how it works. Google will actually remove the duplicate job listings from several job listing sites. Afterward, the algorithm will categorize them properly with relevant data and will show the user the best link, i.e. the job listing with most detailed and relevant information.

Google will stop scanning Gmail inboxes for ad personalization

With 1.2 billion Gmail users worldwide and with 3 million companies paying for G-suite, Google has decided to stop using Gmail for ad personalization.

As mentioned by Google “G Suite’s Gmail is already not used as input for ads personalization, and Google has decided to follow suit later this year in our free consumer Gmail service. Consumer Gmail content will not be used or scanned for any ads personalization after this change. This decision brings Gmail ads in line with how we personalize ads for other Google products. Ads shown are based on users’ settings. Users can change those settings at any time, including disabling ads personalization.”