[Weekly Tech Update-May,28 to June,3] Intel i9X, Kotlin

This week is good news to Gamers and PC assemblers with introduction of i9 from Intel and bad news for Internet enthusistics as Delicious.com is shutting down after operating for around 14 years. Here are the top updates of the week brought to you by Team Redelegant.

Intel introduced i9 X series processors

Good news for gamers, game live streamers, and users running applications such as VR video editing, 3D modeling, and special-effects creation.

Performance statistics

Though some famous PC builders like Linus Sebastian saying, Intel cooked up the i9 platform as a response to AMD’s new Threadripper series, not as an honest attempt to push home computing forwards.  Intel has hinted that a lot of the top-end performance of its new chips will be handicapped if you don’t also buy Intel motherboards and Intel SSDs, which is quite blatantly not in the best interests of high-end PC builders.


Kotlin by Jetbrain is now an official Android development language

This is Google has to say about Kotlin-

” We have been watching Kotlin adoption on Android steadily rise over the years, with increasing excitement among developers. Kotlin is expressive, concise, extensible, powerful, and a joy to read and write. It has wonderful safety features in terms of nullability and immutability, which aligns with our investments to make Android apps healthy and performant by default. Best of all, it’s interoperable with our existing Android languages and runtime. So we’re thrilled to make Kotlin an official language on Android.”

  • The type system of Kotlin helps you to avoid null pointer exceptions.
  • Kotlin costs nothing to adopt, there is a high quality, one-click Java to Kotlin converter tool, which focuses on  Java binary compatibility.
  • The syntax is lean and intuitive. Kotlin looks a lot like Scala, but is simpler.

Here you can learn more about pros and Cons of Kotlin over Java.


del.icio.us is shutting down

Delicious.com, once the internet’s top social bookmarking site, is shutting down later this month. Delicious changes  hands five times since it was founded in 2003. Pinboard, a rival of Delicious brought Delicious last month from its previous owner, Delicious Media and shutting it down.

Cegłowski, owber of Pinboard explains that he purchased the site (reportedly for a measly $35 thousand) because it was a piece of internet history, and because he didn’t want it to “disappear from the web.” Whereas in 2005 Yahoo brought Delicious anywhere between US$15 million and US$30 million.

Delicious will become a read-only site on June 15th and users won’t be able to save any new bookmarks to the site. Basket and Instapaper are the best alternatives if you are looking for an option to migrate from Delicious.