Basket Android app

Basket for android

UX-UI, Product Design, PSD to XML, App Development

The Product

Basketapp lets you save and organize articles, videos and any other useful links in a beautiful and simple way to increase your productivity, even when you are offline.

The Aim

The objective was that the Android app, the chrome extension and the desktop website must complement each other in providing a good overall experience across different platforms. The User Experience must be world class while serving the people from all over the world. As organizing content is one of the key feature the whole experience must be painless.

Continous improvement

Like each product Basket had it’s iteration. The UX and UI got better each time with user inputs, analytical data and personal experiences.

Wireframing/UX design

Wireframing has been done as part of the first step of the UX.

Tools used: Balsmiq, invision.

Methodology used: Value proposition understanding, competitor analysis, Card sorting

basket bookmark app wireframe design


Main product UI design

Next step was to work on the UI based on the brand color. We always kept the color subtle and necessary. As this is a productivity app, the color was always to guide not to take user in a swing.

Tools used: Photoshop, invision

Methodology used: usage pattern analysis, concept testing,

Reading area design of the Basket

Basket being a reading app, the experience of the reading area was supposed to be best in the class. We gave a huge focus in this section and the design itself went through many iterations to achieve this final design.

Basket app reading area design

On-boarding screen

A welcoming screen on mobile app is the first impression you create. It’s the first interaction with user. It has to be elegant, sweet and simple. It should encourage user to look inside your app. So designing a welcoming screen is not easy. We iterated it multiple times and finally found the best way is to start with a simple “Hi”.