Basket Website

Basket website

UX-UI, Product Design, Website Development

The Product

Basket lets you save and organize articles, videos and any other useful links in a beautiful and simple way to increase your productivity. Wih Basket you can collect your favorite items over web and organize with Notes, Categories and Labels as per your priority or work habit

The Idea

We found many good articles, videos and various link and content types and we bookmarked them. We noticed that it is becoming a problem to find those saved items, we were getting very less option to keep things organized. So we thought to create a place which will serve the true purpose of bookmarking and we started working on Basket.


basket homepage and apps page design

basket web app in appBasket dashboard
Basket dashboard is the place for your bookmarks. Categories are accessible from the left and the menu is easily accesible from top right. Floating button is there for instant addition of a link and search bar is at top.
basket action cardsBookmark card
Each bookmark card comprises of title, image, publication name and an action menu which appears on hover.