Carbiz App design

Carbiz | Used Cars, New Cars, and Car Prices



Carbiz help thier customers to buy and sell used cars. They also help them to find new Cars, car prices, etc.


Carbiz wanted us to redesign their landing screen. They wanted the landing page to be designed something totally different yet easily understandable to their users.


We made two versions. In the first one, we worked on a totally new design style which is user-friendly and also totally unique. In the second design approach, we took a little traditional design path with which most users are already familiar.

Layout – 1

we wanted the colors to speak for themselves. So we represented each category with a distinct color. We also wanted the focus to be at a time to a single category and single car by talking with client and so the design is more focused in first case and easy toggle to other categores is also there
used cars dashboard

Layout – 2

In this layout users can easily sort between the cars by choosing the car types. If they want to use price as a filter it is also very easy to toggle.

car dashboard