Edulift Website Design


UX-UI, Product Design, Product Development

Edulift Solution Pvt. Ltd. aims to connect technology driven educational solutions to every basic/higher schools and Educational Institutions across India. Edulift’s product and technology enables students to learn at their own pace. Website target audience is “Educational institute heads” and “startups” of education sector.


According to the requirement, homepage must portray products of Edulift, their vision, Recent events, Presence in cities. Seperate sections with slider where required with specific CTA (call to action buttons) to drive website audience to seperate pages as required. We planned the website design according to website audience and requirement of client.

Fonts and Color

Wireframes and Layout

As the company’s main moto was to deliver as much  information as you can show to viewer and visitor is a narrow audience who are busy and just visit website to grab information at a glance, so instead of making a long page with so many links to other pages we decided to show too many information in a single page. If you see the Portfolio section, you will see the portfolio listing with content listed with links to different pages of portfolio companies.

The below image was their product details page for a single product. It was basically a pile of text showing with some heading with no visual appeal. We had to redesign the whole page as to the visitor it could convey almost nothing. Motive behind a details page is to provide necessary informations to visitor in an appealing way which will grab their attention and will help them to remember. We re-designed the whole product page with proper usage of bullet points, icons, lists, images, which would help a person to grab the product details quickly. Edulift team happily accepted the idea and the design.

Proper Background, Name of the product with tagline which serves the basic and most important idea of the product is on top with a proper height to make sure that the visitor confirms he/she is visiting the proper page. Then the description follows the heading. Instead of writing long paragraphs to make visitor understand about the product we served basic information like it’s purpose of existence. Next comes a few elaborative points with specific image to make it more consumable. This section can be used to provide a feature related information or may be to provide some statistics. To help people understand proper value it is adding to their life, we add sections like –  ‘how it adds value to a student’s life’ and ‘how it adds value to a school’. Then a explainer video, following reviews from it’s users. At bottom user can easily ‘ask for a demo’ or ‘can contact to sales’ through specific Call to Action buttons.