Track my Truck app design

Track my Truck app

UX-UI, Product Design


Track my track helps the car owners to keep track of their vehicles, drivers and assignments. Owners can view current position of their vehicles, status of their vehicles, keep track of the vehicle documents, Status of the drivers, status of the assignments, adding invoices, etc. The App allow the vehicles owners to fully manage their day to day operations.


We had to plan the User experience keeping in mind that the end users are not tech savy, but that must not hinder the app usage. As the drivers will use the app at both day and night we choose a color which will help them to use the app with an ease. Summary screens must let the owner view important information at a glance, so we tried many variations where all important components can co-exist and deliver necessary data.


TRACK MY TRUCK app sketch


Material design was primary design language for this app. We had a tight deadline so used as simple as possible behavior. Didn’t expeiment much but keeping UX as main focused area, we developed all screens required for this kind of app. Here are few of them

assignments for driver

Owner will be able to see all active and past assignments from assignments screen. Each assignment card in the list will help owner to see glimpse of the assigments. There is easy access to vehicle tracking and driver calling feature. While assigning driver to a assignment owner can toglle between currently free drivers or engaged drivers for a future assignment.
create assignments

Creating assignment and Owner dashboard
Creating a assignment consists of assignment details including easy upload of invoices. The owner from dashboard can easily know number of ongoing assignments, vehicle status, active drivers and go to detailed info if required with a single tap. Driver profile

Driver and car profile
From profile of a driver or a vehicle the owner can see the details, edit info and can easily track the vehicle or the driver.Assigment acceptance for driver

Assigment acceptance for driver
From driver login, drivers will be able to accept assignments. In this section we kept the elements larger to help drivers identify key actionable quickly and let them act on it. Driver can see detail of a assignment before accepting it and can also pass on to other drivers if he do not like to take the assignment.
Trip Details screen

Trip Details
For each assignment or trip driver will update the trip details, so that owner can easily track about the assignment.Driver can upload last position image while ending trip.

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